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Articles and papers

A selection of articles and conference papers written by Guy Consterdine is listed here.  For the full article or paper, click on the relevant link.

Greece’s 3rd Print Media Conference: February 2009

Guy Consterdine, Nicolas Cour and Adrian Weser speak about recent evidence and current activities on magazine research.

FIPP’s Research Forum, Budapest, March 2008

Guy Consterdine, convenor of FIPP’s Research Forum, reports on the event. Participants were kept up to date with key developments in magazine research.

The readers-per-copy problem in 2008

Presentation at FIPP Research Forum, Budapest on 19 March 2008, about the relationship between circulation and readership, and the reasons for variations in readers-per-copy.

Mr Magazine Research strikes again: Toronto, May 2006

Report by Rachel Adams of FIPP (International Federation of the Periodical Press) on a presentation by Guy Consterdine in Toronto, Canada on 9 May 2006. Adams published this report on the FIPP website.

'Sales Uncovered': sales uplift and return on investment

Examines new evidence for the effectiveness of magazine advertising - on its own and as part of a mixed-media campaign. Published by Guy Consterdine in Admap, December 2005

Know your audience – a key to a profitable publishing business

Presentation given at the Middle East Publishing Conference, Dubai, January 2005

Distributing print exposures through time

Describes how the new NRS readership accumulation data can help media planners and media owners. Published in Admap, November 2004.

Magazines are natural partners for other media channels

Publishers must show how magazines complement and interlock with other media, like a key piece in a jigsaw. Article published in FIPP's 'Magazine World', Q4 2004

Proving the power of print

The latest research from around the world which demonstrates the effectiveness of magazines and their ads. Article published in FIPP's ‘Magazine World’, Q3 2004.

Magazines in the internet age

Have consumer magazines got a future in the internet age? Yes, certainly. The UK’s Henley Centre has published a study showing how. Article published in FIPP's 'Magazine World', Q2 2004.

What determines reader-per-copy patterns for UK magazines?

Investigates the relationship between circulation and readership. 20 factors determining this relationship are presented. Paper given at Worldwide Readership Research Symposium, San Francisco, 1993

Magazine Advertising Effectiveness

Paper given in Athens at Print Media Conference, on 20 February 2009
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